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Baler knotter does not knot common problems and solutions

Date:2019-10-25 08:28:37  Viewed:0

Knotter does not knot common problems and solutions
1. The bale is too tight and the quality of the rope is too bad.
2. Knife on the small pliers:
2.1. There is an adjusting screw on the jaws. On the side of the knotter, the spring-loaded screws are too tight to be easily tied, which is too loose and causes no knotting.
2.2. The gap between the rope-removing rod and the jaw is too large, and the jaws are easy to be stuck. When the rope rod is working, the front surface of the small jaw should be slightly rubbed.
2.3 There is a pressure rope at the place where the rope is placed behind the rope box. It is too loose to adjust the rope on the jaws. It is too tight - it is easy to break the rope.
2.4. The tow bar stroke is not enough. If two knotters, one is easy to use, the other is not easy to use, you can change the tow bar to try.
2.5. The upper jaw is bent and deformed, and there is a burr on the upper side of the jaw.
Three. Single section
3.1. There is a buckle on the top and no buckle on the bottom. It may be that the adjustment of the rope is not correct. When the rope board is just starting work, the gap with the binding needle should be 3-5mm, and the stroke of the rope board is not enough.
3.2. There is a buckle on the bottom, no buckle on the top, and the tray is too tight or too loose.
4. The rope tray is not tied with rope
4.1. The cable tray is too tight or too loose. The gap between the bale needle and the gripping disc should be 3-5mm during operation, and the gap is not correct and the cord cannot be caught.
5. Broken rope under the rope buckle
5.1 Broken rope 3-5cm below the rope, there may be burrs on the rope.
5.2 Broken rope in the place under the rope buckle, there may be burrs on the rope removal rod.