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R&D services

 l In the development process of “Ten Years of Swords and Swords”, we insist on investing a certain proportion of funds and resources each year for the research and development of new products and the continuous improvement of old products. It is the continuous investment in research and development that guarantees the innovation ability and vitality of the company.

l Efficient and integrated R&D system, efficient multi-disciplinary R&D team, integrate relevant interest resources in the R&D process, and continuously create value for customers through technological advancement.



l In 2017, the original electronic training camp mode selects young elites from various departments involved in research and development to conduct learning. The leaders of the enterprises personally plan and participate in the lectures. The students in each department systematically learn knowledge and exchange learning experiences.

l Encourage the company's employees to innovate and give additional rewards to employees who participate in patent applications and are approved.